Apple iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8 cameras top DxOMark scores, beat HTC U11, Google Pixel

Apple iPhone 8, 8 Plus appear to have topped the scores when it comes to mobile photography. DxOMark, which is known for rating smartphones based on how their cameras perform, has given iPhone 8 Plus a score of 94 out of 100 and iPhone 8 a score of 92. The new scores put the iPhone 8 series ahead of the Google Pixel and HTC U11 which had the previous highest scores of 90 each.

According to DxOMark’s blog post, images captured with iPhone 8 Plus in bright outdoors have “excellent detail preservation, accurate colour, and impressive dynamic range”. DxOMark says that iPhone 8 builds on “excellent performance of the iPhone 7 family with even better results in bright light”. An improved exposure calculation and the ability to capture HDR (High Dynamic Range) scenes in a better manner when compared to iPhone 7 series, has helped the smartphone beat out the previous leaders.

DxOMark shared a couple of images shot in different lighting conditions with iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Google Pixel, and iPhone 7 Plus. Though there can be some underexposure in very low light, iPhone 8’s ability to properly recognise faces along with flash makes it a good option to click photos indoors as well, notes the post.

Coming to zoom, the iPhone 8 Plus scored 51, which according to DxOMark is the highest Zoom sub-score of any mobile they’re ver measured. Zoom along with Bokeh are the two features where iPhone 8 Plus stands out.

“Overall, the 8 Plus is the highest-performing phone we’ve tested when it comes to bokeh. Despite the relatively small changes in the actual camera specs, additional development and processing power allow it to beat out the 7 Plus by 5 points, putting it even further ahead of the Google Pixel, with a score of 55 compared to 30,” DxOMark’s blog post read.

As for issues pointed out by the benchamarking site, iPhone 8 Plus’ camera takes s bit of a time to focus in both bright and low light.

Apple iPhone 8 has a similar camera as that of iPhone 8 Plus, except for of course, the Zoom and Bokeh capabilities. Therefore, DxOMark has listed the same pros and cons for iPhone 8 as well. This includes an “excellent performance in bright light” and the ability to click well-exposed and detailed low-light photos.

Apple, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, DxOMark, Apple iPhone 8 DxOMark score, Apple iPhone 8 Plus DxOMark scoreAccording to DxOMark’s blog post, images captured with iPhone 8 Plus in bright outdoors have “excellent detail preservation, accurate colour, and impressive dynamic range”. (Source: DxOMark)

Apple iPhone iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus features upgraded 12MP cameras. For the iPhone 8 Plus, Apple has used a dual-camera setup, like the one saw on the iPhone 7 Plus. There’s a 12MP wide-angle lens with BSI sensor and f/1.8 aperture and a 12MP telephoto lens with f/2.8 aperture.

The dual cameras on the iPhone 8 Plus also have a new “Portrait Lighting” feature to adjust the lighting for portrait shots. Other features include digital zoom up to 10x, Portrait mode, Optical image stabilisation, Quad-LED True Tone flash, Autofocus, and AutoHDR.

Apple iPhone 8 has a single 12MP wide-angle camera with BSI sensor, f/1.8 aperture, and Optical image stabilisation. It comes with features like Quad-LED True Tone flash, Autofocus, and AutoHDR.