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Apple now sells a dissectable AR teddy bear named Parker

Image result for Apple,now,sells,a,dissectable,AR,teddy,bear,named,ParkerChildren’s start-up Seedling has released an adorable modern take on the classic teddy bear — one that interacts with your iOS device and uses augmented reality. You can also kinda dissect it, or at least see its guts and bones through an accompanying app which is cool. The company claims Parker is the world’s first AR teddy bear, and it’s all plush, meaning there are no cameras, batteries, or other electronics embedded in the toy. Instead, children can use wooden accessories included with the bear to interact with it via an iOS device.

Accessories include a thermometer, stethescope, x-ray bibs, a spoon, and a medicine bottle. The toy is designed as a doctor play product that helps children learn STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Maths) skills through games and puzzles. Seedling says each time an ailment is cured or a problem is solved, Parker’s happiness levels increase, unlocking more AR features that can be viewed through what’s called a magic camera on the app. AR experiences include building an undersea garden or a mushroom forest, and more features can be unlocked the more Parker is played with.

Photo: Seedling

Seedling says other in-app experiences also include giving Parker a checkup, using 3D touch to help Parker to take deeper breaths and test lung capacity, and helping Parker fight a stomach bug by squashing stomach germs.

“We are taking old school physical toys and bridging them with new technologies in a way that is gentle and safe to create meaningful experiences for families,” said Phoebe Hayman founder and CEO of Seedling in a statement.

Parker is available now exclusively through and Apple stores in select countries for $59.99.