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Apple’s New Operating System Is Now Available From Mac App Store

Apple announced the new OS X Mavericks last week, it’s tenth to date. The company’s review of new features include many that sound like they would be ideal for the increasingly mobile small business owner.

The new system is available now as a free download through the Mac App Store for desktop and laptop users. Current users of the Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion operating systems can upgrade to Mavericks for free.

Apple says OS X Mavericks also includes several new features.

For example, there’s a new Maps and a new Calendar that estimates travel times between meetings and appointments you’ve scheduled. The Calendar feature can even include a weather forecast for the location you’ll be traveling to in order to keep those appointments.

Here’s a look at the new features from Lifehacker:

Apple also says upgrades to the Safari browser include a Shared Links feature to collect the links your followers and those you follow on Twitter post throughout the day. The iCloud Keychain saves and protects vital security information like usernames, passwords and credit card numbers. And it remembers them across multiple devices when you need them.

So if you’re away from the office with your iPhone and have forgotten the password to one of your accounts, your iCloud Keychhain probably remembers.

A new Notifications feature will let you reply to messages and alerts you receive without leaving the app you’re currently using, too.

Apple also says Finder Tags on OS X Mavericks will help you better organize a lot of your business files. These could include files you store on iCloud and may need to access on your iPad or iPhone when away from your office computer.

Image: Apple