Blackberry sues Nokia for patent infringement; here’s why the mobile giants are fighting

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Blackberry and Nokia, the tech giants who were once the pioneers in mobile technology, are now fighting over patent infringement. The battle between BlackBerry Ltd and Nokia Oyj appears to be a match between veteran players who are at the fag end of their careers, still trying to make their mark. According to the filing BlackBerry has demanded royalties for Nokia’s mobile network products, and alleged that the Finnish company has infringed on 11 patents. The suit was filed on February 14 in a Federal Court in Delaware. According to a Bloomberg report, BlackBerry has said in the complaint that Nokia products have bene using technology covered by 11 patents, including in base stations, network controllers and software.

BlackBerry and Nokia may not mean much today, in the world of smartphones which are being manufactured by giants like Apple and Samsung and many other new players. But there continues an attempt to revive the old glory, by giving their branding to third parties to at least try and use the name as long as they can. While their phones still create little buzz when they launch, there is plenty left to file lawsuits against, a regular feature among technology companies. BlackBerry accused Nokia of encouraging the use of standard compliant products without a license and provide network products and services of companies like AT&T and T-Mobile, Bloomberg reported.

According to the report, the suit does not seek a ban on the use of patents, instead, there is a demand of collecting on damages regarding royalty fees. Interestingly, BlackBerry also reportedly said that Nokia is aware of the inventions as it has cited some of the patents in a few of its own patent applications.