What Can You Learn from BlackBerry’s Persistence?


BlackBerry should be long gone, dead and buried. Apple, Samsung and Google should have, by now, made it a footnote in the history of technology. However, it’s still fighting and going on.

There are two reasons.

It’s technology is still very much integrated into the communication foundation of its clients.

While some of its clients could ditch BlackBerry in favor of iPhones or Google-powered phones, other companies could not or would not do that. They value the high security of BlackBerry phones.

Second, BlackBerry has continued to invest in other platforms and services (such as Good Technology). See the Wall Street Journal story continuing to make it valuable to its existing customers and maybe new ones.

What does this mean for your business?

Ensure your products are “must-haves” for your customers. Of course, every business can’t do this — but some can. Ensure that you can meet as many of these needs of your customers as possible — within your wheel house.

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