Collection of Nifty Widgets for Android and iOS

BENGALURU: Widget is a simple interface that appears basically on the home screen, used for quick access of any apps without having to get into the menu and look for the app. These widgets have evolved along with android, today, most of the widgets come in all shapes and sizes, are customizable, and reside on any available Home screen for quick access.? If you are fond of widgets, and look to download additional widgets, then here are some of the best widgets available right now, as per Karan Bajaj of ET.
This is a customizable widget that is to be placed on home screen, which lets you choose from a list of options (time, weather, system info, calendar entries and so on). Each option gives you different display styles for each type of information, for instance, text, icon, animated graphic and so on. In addition to that, a tap on the screen lets you choose the behavior of the widget.
Circle Launcher
Next on the list is? Circle launcher, a widget that acts as a virtual launcher button on your home-screen. When you download the widget, shortcut icons appear in a circle or in a horizontal/ vertical line as per your decision. Tap the button to access and launch your favorite apps, contacts and web bookmarks.
Chess Ninja
Another amazing widget, which lets you play chess at any time you want on your home panels. The game provides option to undo and redo, along with that you can leave the game mid-way and continue where you left off. The only drawback of this game is there is no way to change the level of difficulty or play against a person.
Slider Widget
With this user can easily control volumes for voice calls, notifications, alarms, media and ringtones with one touch. On top of that, it also includes a slider to adjust the screen brightness.
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