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How to Eat Healthy When Out at a Restaurant with Your Loved Ones

Eating healthy can be a personal choice anytime you choose. You don’t have to wait to make a resolution for the new year. Nor do you have to wait for that green lit sign to tell you that now is the time to concern yourself with good health. Whenever, wherever you feel like eating healthy, you can do it—even at restaurants when you’re out with your loved ones.

Politely, Respectfully Let Everyone Know Your Healthy Eating Regime

It can be challenging to eat healthy around friends and family because their choices can influence yours. However, as aforementioned, eating healthy is a personal, intimate choice. And, if you’re serious, you need to let your loved ones know that you plan to maintain a good, healthy eating regime wherever you go. Don’t be snobbish about it, but be stern, respectful, and polite in your resolve.

Skip the Complimentary Bread or Chips

There are LOADS of unnecessary carbs and calories in those complimentary baskets of breads and chips. Skip them. Or, if you have the willpower, simply have one and push the rest to the side. Cutting this out of your meal will save you heaps of calories, while ensuring you have room for more important nutrients.

Look at the Menu Online to Make Your Meal Decision Before You Get There

Planning ahead for your meal allows you to make good, healthy choices without being tempted by the menu at sit-down. Count calories, macros—whatever you do, and aim for excellent nutrition with awesome tastes. FYI—skip the sodas and teas unless you go sugar-free. Water is the best choice for a restaurant beverage, as well as the least expensive. As a matter of fact, order in advance when you can with modern restaurants’ call in dictation systems.

Load Up on Protein and Fiber, but Steer Clear of Processed Carbs and Sugars

Processed carbs and sugars include desserts, breads, chips—anything that will expand your waistline and do little for your nutrients. Protein and fiber are slow to digest in your system, which controls your blood sugar and keeps your stomach fuller for longer. Plus, the nutrients go towards fueling your body for all the great things you want to do.

On a final note: beware of sauces and dressings. Always get any sauces and dressings on the side, so you can dip lightly at your leisure. All in all, the key to healthy eating in a restaurant is moderation and control. There’s nothing wrong with indulgence, but too much can be detrimental to your good health.