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FCC approves another LG G4 variant for the US

A couple of days ago, we covered incoming documents for a new LG G4 variant coming through the FCC with a product number “H815PX”. We concluded this was a G4 variant but now there is a variant of the G4 Stylus (G Stylo if you’re in the US) also popping up at the FCC with the product codes “H630CX” and “H635CX”.

Just like the “H815PX” docs, these new ones contain little information about the hardware on board and no images whatsoever.

While we thought the “H815PX” was going to be a variant that came bundled with a wireless charging back cover, these new documents don’t even mention wireless charging. So maybe there is something else new about the “H815PX”.

What is LG planning for the States? We aren’t sure what these devices are but hopefully we will get an idea soon.