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Freedom 251’s creator Ringing Bells comes under scrutiny after controversy

It all began with the announcement of the world’s cheapest smartphone – the $4 Freedom 251 made in India. The company behind the project – Ringing Bells – received a huge coverage in the media and received beyond positive backup from users around the world.

The first odd thing to happen was the change of the design shortly after the announcement. Few people noticed this, but it happened – Ringing Bells swapped the picture of the Freedom 251 on their website from a good-looking phone with thin bezels to a more generic 4″ brick with rather thick bezels and just a single central key.

But hey, this thing is supposed to cost $4, so nobody cared how the phone looks like.

Recently, media representatives received prototypes of the phone, which raised more questions instead of building more hype. The shipped phones turned out to be Adcom phones with their logos covered by simple correction fluid. Adcom is a Chinese company and the model Ringing Bells has sent to its partners Adcom is selling for about $50 on the Indian market. and it’s certainly not the Made in India phone, which they promised.