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Get Paid Upfront: New invoice financing through QuickBooks

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More than 60% of small business owners say they’ve experienced cash flow challenges, according to recent research by QuickBooks. The majority of small business owners who experience those issues (89%) say cash flow challenges had a negative impact on their business. More than a quarter (27%) say not getting paid according to the agreed upon payment terms is a primary contributor to their problems with cash flow.

Long payment terms and unpaid invoices can lead to cash flow shortages when you need to do things like pay bills and vendors. When cash runs low, you may have limited options to get the money you need. A long-term business loan might not be the optimal solution for your immediate cash flow needs. And if cash flow is a recurring issue, traditional loan options may be limited.

In a perfect world, you would get paid upfront for every invoice and avoid stressful cash flow shortages. In the real world, you can request Get Paid Upfront—a new invoice financing tool available through QuickBooks®.1


What is Get Paid Upfront?

Get Paid Upfront is an invoice financing tool that allows you to request earlier access to invoiced funds by receiving an advance on your unpaid invoices, making your invoice payment terms feel like Net Now.

If approved for Get Paid Upfront, you get paid on your terms, so you can access your invoiced funds when you need them. When cash flow runs dry, you’ve got a powerful cash flow support system of a total credit limit up to $30k.² And it’s offered within QuickBooks Payments, your trusted business partner.

Get Paid Upfront provides faster access to funds than traditional business loans through your bank, so you can maintain your customer relationships and focus on what matters most: building your business.

How Get Paid Upfront works

Eligible QuickBooks Payments customers can request Get Paid Upfront for qualifying invoices. If approved, Get Paid Upfront provides you with early access to invoiced funds. Applying for invoice funding is fast and easy.

When your client pays their invoice with QuickBooks Payments, the money is applied to the outstanding balance of the financed invoice—no forms, no extra work, and no hassle.*

If the invoice is paid within 30 days: The invoice advance is interest-free for the first 30 days. If the invoice is paid within 30 days through QuickBooks Payments using ACH or credit card payment, you won’t be charged any payment processing fees.*

If the invoice is not paid within 30 days: If the invoice advance isn’t repaid within 30 days, the outstanding balance will begin to accrue interest on day 31. You can repay the total financed invoice in 12 monthly installments at a fixed interest rate as outlined in your borrower agreement.

Get Paid Upfront is a fast solution for your immediate cash flow problems. Just pay a 3% loan fee per invoice financed, plus any interest that accrues after the first 30 days. As always, Get Paid Upfront is completely confidential to your customers, so you can keep running your business knowing QuickBooks is helping behind the scenes.

Benefits of Get Paid Upfront

No need to worry about cash flow concerns—through Get Paid Upfront you can request money when you need it.

Get paid on your terms, interest free

Get Paid Upfront helps you finance your invoices upfront, making traditional Net terms feel like a thing of the past. With Get Paid Upfront, you can request access to the funding you need to support your business with a total credit limit up to $30k—interest free for the first 30 days.²

A complete invoice solution

Simplify and streamline the entire invoicing process with QuickBooks. Apply for invoice funding online and get approved in three simple steps. If approved and funded, the first 30 days are interest-free so you can focus on what’s next for your business. From creating invoices to getting paid quickly, full-circle invoicing has never been easier.

Waive ACH and credit card processing fees

There are no credit card and ACH transaction costs when your customers pay through Quickbooks Payments during the first 30 days.*

Maintain great customer relationships

Access funds from your qualifying outstanding invoices quickly and confidentially, with no impact to your customers. Get Paid Upfront keeps business going with valued clients while financing invoices behind the scenes.

Focus on your business, not chasing payments

Getting funds fast means you can spend less time worrying about cash flow, and more time focusing on your business. You have the power to boost your cash flow when you need it. Best of all, repayment is a breeze—if your client pays their invoice within 30 days using QuickBooks Payments, the money goes straight to repayment of the invoice advance.*

To be eligible for Get Paid Upfront, you’ll need a subscription to QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Payments. You can apply for Get Paid Upfront from the fundable tab under the Invoice Dashboard in QuickBooks Online.

Frequently asked questions about Get Paid Upfront

Who is eligible for Get Paid Upfront?

Get Paid Upfront is a feature of QuickBooks and requires active QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Payments subscriptions.

Various factors determine eligibility for Get Paid Upfront, including but not limited to:

  • Your business history within QuickBooks.
  • Your maintenance of an active QuickBooks Payments subscription.
  • Transactions within your business bank accounts.
  • Your invoice history.
  • As the personal guarantor, your personal and business credit profiles.

Because every business is unique, each application is considered individually and decisions are based on current guidelines and applicable laws.

How can I apply for an advance with Get Paid Upfront?

Easily apply for invoice funding within QuickBooks. Our simple three-step process only takes minutes.

Upon approval and acceptance, you’ll receive the requested funding on your financed invoices within 1-3 business days.

How much of my invoices can I finance?

Once you’ve accepted an approved Get Paid Upfront offer, you’ll receive a deposit of 97% of the invoice amount into the business bank account provided in your application. The money should appear in your account within a few business days.

You can access a total credit limit up to $30k in funds on one or more qualifying invoices.² The maximum invoice amount for each qualifying invoice is $10k.

Your offer may be modified or revoked at any time and for any reason, including, but not limited to, if there are adverse changes to the credit profile of the business and/or personal guarantor, irregularities with your business or identity, or if you cancel or suspend your QuickBooks Payments account.

Will my customers know when I use Get Paid Upfront?

With Get Paid Upfront, you maintain a direct relationship with your customers. Your customers won’t know that you’ve used Get Paid Upfront with their invoice to access those funds early.

How long do I have to repay my invoice advance?

With Get Paid Upfront, you have 30 days from disbursement (the day the advance was issued) to pay the invoice amount in full before it begins to accrue interest.

If your customer pays their invoice through QuickBooks Payments during the first 30 days, those payments will be automatically applied to your Get Paid Upfront loan balance. For these customer payments, you won’t be charged any payment processing fees.*

You can prepay your loan in full or in part without being charged any prepayment penalties. No late fees are charged for Get Paid Upfront.

You may take advantage of the autopay feature to facilitate repayment. Each month, the pre-authorized monthly repayment amount will be debited from the same business bank account where your upfront advance was sent. You also have the option to make manual payments through a repayment portal. In the repayment portal, you monitor, manage, and repay your upfront advances.

You’ll receive an email invitation to activate your repayment portal within a week of accepting your Get Paid Upfront offer.

What fees will I pay to use Get Paid Upfront?

Just pay 3% of the invoiced amount, plus any interest that accrues after the first 30 days.

If your customer pays their invoice through QuickBooks Payments during the first 30 days, you won’t be charged any additional  credit card and ACH processing fees.*

Does applying for Get Paid Upfront impact my credit score?

The application process does not affect your personal credit score.

Your loan transaction history with QuickBooks may be reported to Experian Small Business Credit Share and Dun & Bradstreet. If your business fails to repay the advance, or is late in paying off the business loan, such business activity may be reported to Experian.

For each Get Paid Upfront advance, a personal guarantee is required, which states that you personally may be required to repay the business loan, in full, in the event the business is unable to repay the loan. This is common for many small business loans.

Get Paid Upfront loans are issued by WebBank, Member FDIC. Application and approval required.

² Eligible QuickBooks users with invoices eligible for GPU loans may be approved for up to $30,000 subject to application, credit underwriting standards, approval, verification of application information and other conditions. GPU loans are made by WebBank, Member FDIC.

This feature isn’t available for customer invoice payments made through GoPayment, Pay links, or QBO Receive Payment experience.