HTC says more Developers will be Inspired to Develop for VIVE VR Headsets due to Apple’s Participation


It’s now a known fact that HTC is gaining powerful support to accelerate the development of its VR (virtual reality) business, as it has newly collaborated Apple and Google to develop VR devices and applications, respectively.


As we learned during Apple’s WWDC 2017 Keynote at the top of the month, Apple’s macOS High Sierra operating system launching this fall will support HTC’s VIVE VR headsets and Raymond Pao, vice president of HTC’s VR New Technology Department couldn’t be more pleased about that move.


Pao further noted that the usability of HTC VIVE devices will be greatly boosted, while more content developers, inspired by Apple’s support, are expected to join forces to bolster the development of the VR industry.


HTC officials stressed that the company has introduced many new technologies required for the development of next-generation technologies and applications. Among them, the most influential one will be the technology that can integrate high-speed wireless connection, VR and artificial intelligence (AI) to create new applications.