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IDC: Detachable tablets predicted to pick up sales while tablet sales decline

Just a few years ago, before tablets took off, netbooks dominated the computing space. They offered basic computing with a full Microsoft OS (XP at the time) for studying or basic web browsing in a portable package with a long lasting battery.

A couple of years after the original iPad came out in 2009, manufacturers started building tablets and demand for netbooks eventually phased away. Google shortly took over the netbook space with the Chromebook.

According to the latest worldwide tablet market forecast by analysts from IDC, the market is showing signs of shifting from standalone tablets to tablets with detachable keyboards focused for productivity.

The report predicts that Windows tablets with detachable keyboards will slowly take market share from Android powered tablets while iOS tablets will remain about the same.

The introduction of Google’s Pixel C, Apple’s iPad Pro, and the continued success of the Microsoft Surface line will inevitably introduce lower cost alternatives and increase demand for these portable, productivity computing solutions. Basically, these cheaper tablets with detachable keyboards will become the new netbook.