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iPhone, iPad, MacBooks Top Enterprise Picks for Security: Survey

iPhone, iPad, MacBooks Top Enterprise Picks for Security: Survey


  • Survey showed that respondents rated the iPhone as very good in security
  • Samsung, BlackBerry, and Microsoft were next favourites
  • Microsoft was rated more than Samsung in tablet security

A new survey has revealed that Apple devices are still top choices for enterprise segment ahead of other top brands such as Samsung and Microsoft in mobile devices. The survey however pointed that Samsung, Blackberry and Microsoft are catching on fast.

According to Tech Pro Research survey, 51 percent respondents rated Apple as the excellent or very good device when it came to security of smartphones followed by Samsung (30 percent), BlackBerry (39 percent), and Microsoft (31 percent).

“The fact that Samsung is approaching Apple’s penetration levels in organisations suggests that cost may be weighed against security, with organisations being willing to trade off a little security for a better price point,” the survey said.

The survey also revealed that “security messaging was critical” as 61 percent of survey respondents saw “mobile devices as less secure than non-mobile tools.”

The survey showed that BlackBerry may be Android’s best bet at enterprise as the Canadian company was rated better than its South Korean counterpart.

Some of the other brands that made it to the top list were Google with a rating of 28 percent, LG with a rating of 16 percent, Motorola at 15 percent rating, Lenovo at 14 percent, and Sony at 12 percent.

In terms of security of tablets, Apple was rated as excellent or very good by 46 percent respondents which were closely followed by Microsoft with 36 percent. The survey added that Microsoft, buoyed by the sales of Surface range of tablets, has been able to push into the enterprise segment. Samsung was third with a rating of 30 percent with Google following next at 23 percent with the Pixel tablets.

Apple also topped the choice for most secured laptop while Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo, and HP followed next options. When it came to wearables, very few enterprises used wearables devices for “actual business.”

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