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Lenovo Vibe P1 and P1m pack massive batteries, two SIM slots

Lenovo introduced the Vibe P series with two new models – the P1 and P1m. The P stands for power, both handsets features massive batteries and the ability to charge up other devices.


Lenovo Vibe P1

Features a whopping 5,000mAh battery, the P1 promises up to 81 hours of battery life. The charger puts out a ridiculous 24W of power – just below Oppo’s 25W VOOC charger. The Rocket Charge function monitors the battery to prevent overheating and will give you close to 3 hours of talk time in 5 minutes of charging.

The phone can charge various accessories (like a Bluetooth headset) over USB OTG, it has enough juice for phones with smaller capacities too. The Lenovo Vibe P1 is so focused on long battery life that it features a physical switch, the OneKey Power Saver, that activates a low-power mode that doubles the battery endurance.

Lenovo Vibe P1

The phone has an aluminum body with Gorilla Glass 3 on top of a 5.5″ 1080p display (IPS). The Home key below the screen packs a fingerprint reader for added security. The phone is powered by a Snapdragon 615 chipset with 2GB of RAM, running Android 5.1.

The Lenovo Vibe P1 features a 13MP camera with phase-detection autofocus on the back and a 5MP selfie camera.

It’s a dual-SIM with LTE, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac (with Wi-Fi boost that allegedly improves range) and Bluetooth 4.1. It also packs. At 189g and 9.9mm thickness it’s a bit chunky, but for that you get up to 30 days of battery life (on a 4G network) and 44-45 hours of talk time (on 3G-4G).

The Lenovo Vibe P1 will launch in October starting at $280.

Lenovo Vibe P1m

The smaller of the two, the P1m features a 5″ 720p screen and 4,000mAh battery. It can power other gadgets over USB OTG and features OneKey Power Saver but not Rocket Charge. Instead it relies on standard Quick Charge – 2 and half hours of talking in 15 minutes, 2 hours and 40 minutes to full battery.

The chipset on the Lenovo Vibe P1m isn’t as fast as that of its big brother either, a MediaTek MT6735P chipset brings a modest 1GHz quad-core processor, but it does keep the 2GB of RAM and runs Android 5.1.

Lenovo Vibe P1m

The body of the phone is made of polycarbonate and the innards have been nano-coated (by P2i), making it splash-proof. It’s thinner and lighter too – 9.3mm and 148g.

The Vibe P1m is still a dual-SIM phone with LTE connectivity, it also offers Wi-Fi b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.1. You can expect 16 hours of talk time and 20 days on standby on a 4G network (23 on 3G).

The Lenovo P1m will launch earlier than the P1 – mid-September – and will startat $160.