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Motorola RAZR 2019 concept renders reveals marvelous foldable phone design

Rumors have it that Motorola will launch a foldable phone. The company is reportedly planning bring back the Moto RAZR flip phone from yesteryear as a foldable device. Patent documents containing the images of the alleged Motorola RAZR 2019 were spotted in the previous week. The images had revealed the front and rear design of the device. Yanko Design has shared concept renders of the RAZR 2019 foldable phone. The design has been created on the basis of the patent images of the phone.

The 3D visualizations of the Motorola RAZR 2019 show that the foldable phone will like a squarish device when folded. Opening the device reveals a longer display that is assumed to be 19:8 aspect ratio runs from the top to the bottom. The RAZR series of flip phones from the company always featured a notch. Hence, the RAZR 2019 also sports a notch. Since it features a foldable display, the hinge present at the center is not visible when the device is opened.


The upper half on the rear side has a small display and a single-lens camera that is accompanied by an LED flash. When the device is closed, the small screen will allow users to see notifications.  It is fitted with a fingerprint scanner on the lower half of the device. The volume buttons and power key are not shown on the 3D renders of the device because they were not present on the patent images. Motorola may include them on the final product.

moto_razr_2019The RAZR flip phones have always sported thin appeal. Hence, the RAZR 2019 is also expected to have a thin profile. At present, there is no information available on the specifications of the RAZR 2019. According to a Wall Street Journal report from last month, the handset will be hitting the U.S. markets with a price tag of around $1,500. The Lenovo-owned firm will reportedly tie up with Verizon to sell the device exclusively in the U.S. It is speculated that the company will be producing only 200,000 units of the RAZR 2019. There is no announcement on the official launch date of the device. It is speculated that its launch may not be far away.