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Motorola talks smack about Samsung’s battery tests (The 3:59, Ep. 233)

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It looks like Motorola isn’t a fan of Samsung’s battery testing.

After the long-winded saga over the Galaxy Note 7’s burning troubles, Motorola jumped in to roast Samsung’s flaws some more. Motorola engineer Russ Gyenes said the phone company would have caught the flaws that caused the Galaxy Note 7 to overheat and catch fire. Considering that hindsight is 20/20, the shade here just leaves us asking … why are they bringing this up now?

Also on the podcast, we talk about T-Mobile’s newest feature Digits, which will allow people to have multiple phone numbers on one device. It’s perfect for drug dealers — we’ll explain why later.

And we could hardly keep a straight face when talking about a robotic police officer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Just look at how goofy this thing is!) So, so many questions. What’s with the hat? Why does it have arms? Is anyone going to take this seriously?