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Samsung’s KNOX named as strongest mobile security platform

Samsung’s KNOX security has been rated the strongest mobile security platform. Featured in “Mobile Device Security: A Comparison of Platforms” from Gartner, Inc., the software received the most ‘strong’ ratings against a string of competitors.

The KNOX software is designed to work alongside Samsung’s mobile solutions to prevent and stop malicious attacks from any source. The Samsung Android smartphone suite utilizes and runs KNOX from the boot up, scanning every file used, downloaded and processed.

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KNOX is infamous for being difficult to bypass in the developer community when fiddling with customs ROMs and root access. It has even been approved by the U.S government for use in the Department of Defense, a good testament of how effective it is.

It is also interesting to note that KNOX went up against BlackBerry, another brand known for its security. Its flagship, the BlackBerry Priv, was designed with security and privacy in mind, hence the name ‘Priv’. In light of this, Samsung should almost certainly advertise KNOX more as we haven’t heard much about it since launch.

In all, there were twelve software solutions that competed against each other. The full report is available on, a subscription is however required to view it.