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Soon You Can Have a Smartphone – With a Zoom Lens Attached

samsung galaxy S4 Zoom

Camera phones can be an important tool for small business owners. But have you ever wished your camera phone could work just a little better, eliminating the need to carry a professional camera with you?  Samsung is upping the game.

The Korean company is introducing a smartphone camera hybrid that’s essentially like a phone with a 10X optical zoom on the front of it. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom could reach U.S. and European markets as early as this summer, Trusted Reviews reports

What the Samsung Galaxy Zoom Offers

A variety of Samsung S4 Galaxy smartphones are available on the market. But in the video review below, Sharif Sakr of Engadget suggests the new Samsung Galaxy Zoom phone camera hybrid can also be seen as the next generation of the Samsung Galaxy Camera. The difference is that the new device is less bulky, and has somewhat lower-end features besides also functioning as a mobile device.

To look at these differences one by one, like the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, the S4 Samsung Galaxy Zoom is just 4.91 by 2.41 inches. This makes it easy to slip into your pocket and carry anywhere, something you wouldn’t try with a bulkier digital camera.

For all that sleek design, the phone does offer slightly stripped down features: a 10 X as opposed to a 21 X zoom and a lower res screen (qHD as opposed to 720p). But Sakr insists these differences are barely noticeable, especially if you are using the screen for taking images not so much for watching and editing them.

Finally, as a mobile device, the S4 Samsung Galaxy Zoom is essentially a Galaxy smartphone with Android operating system and 4.3 inch screen.

In fact, taking a look at the device, it looks like a camera on one side and a smartphone on the other.

The price tag is still uncertain according to most sources we checked, though another Endgadget post mentioned early reports of around $618. This makes it just a bit cheaper than the Galaxy S4, a larger phone without the added camera features.

Admittedly, the S4 Samsung Galaxy Zoom remains in a niche market as cameras or smartphones go. Would your business benefit from the portability and features of a camera smartphone hybrid?

Image: Samsung