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Useful tips to do better in Science

Science is a subject which deals with the practical and systematic study of the physical and natural elements around the world. Every other phenomenon that happens around us has a scientific reason behind it and so calling it a subject of the intellectuals won’t be an exaggerated phrase.

As the subject solely depends upon the analytical, practical and logical sense of the people, some find it easy and intriguing while others find it a bit strenuous. While some students may have a natural affinity towards the subject, others simply eschew from it because of their disinterest due to lack of proper understanding of the subject.

Most of the educational boards like CBSE, ICSE, etc. have a systematic approach towards the science subjects to let the students build up a stronger base for the concepts and appreciate the subject truly. Still, there are some students who could not keep up with the pace and end up detesting the subject. So, in this article a few tips are given to help students do better in science and develop a fondness for the subject.

A subject built from multiple theoretical and practical concepts cannot be mastered without building a proper foundation for it. So, it is advised that the students also start learning the basic concepts rather than only referring Ncert solutions or school textbooks.

Being a subject of facts, science becomes really easy if the reason behind the facts is properly known and well understood. This subject always deal with “why” and “how” rather than “when” and “where”.

Study in an organized way:

It is very important to organize a proper study plan which involves a proper place, pattern and flow.

A proper place simply means a place where one is comfortable to study which may be open space or a closed depending upon an individual’s preference.

A proper pattern can be interpreted as the way a student studies. Recent studies have suggested that the “Pomodoro technique” is one of the best strategies to work and study. This technique simply states to break the time table into blocks of time and taking breaks at regular intervals.

By proper flow it is meant that the topics should be studied according to the concept depths which means before learning a particular topic, one must be very familiar with the previous concepts that would be required to learn that particular topic.

Take proper notes:

Registering information in properly organized notes can help the students to retain the concepts for a longer time. The notes can also help the students during revision or when the student need to refer to any information suddenly.

It is suggested that the notes taken in schools or coachings should be re-read every day so that the concepts taught in the institutes are retained and not forgotten. Mnemonics can also help to learn facts easily.

Study from multiple sources:

Being a boundless subject, Science can never have a single explanation approach. There will always be a source which can explain a topic in a better way than the rest. Hence, the students should refer to multiple sources while learning different concepts and find the one that best suits them.

Although Ncert books or the textbooks provided by the schools can be equally good but referring to different sources can supplement the understanding of the students. There are various offline and online sources to that can be referred along with many ed-tech companies which use graphics and animations to make the students understand better.

Teach someone else:

Though teaching may not be the genre for many of the students but it is seen that the retention of the concepts increases a lot while teaching the same things to others. While teaching, people rely on their knowledge and understanding of the topics and so revision and practice take place simultaneously.

Sometimes, many new doubts can arise while teaching that may have skipped while self-studying. Thus, teaching can help to supplement the knowledge and clear most of the doubts from a particular topic.

These tips can help a student to do better in science but it is all about the dedication of the students to learn that would eventually help them grow an interest in science and thus do better in the subject. It is very important for the students to constantly and periodically study the topics so that they never forget what is learned and escape the need to relearn the same things in higher classes. If a student wishes to take up science as their primary subject, it is very necessary to build a good foundation to have an edge in the ICSE orCBSE resultsand never fall back in higher classes.