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What you need to know about selling your car online using your mobile

You may find that selling your car online is a lot easier than you think, and you may also be surprised by the sheer volume of customers being able to view your vehicle because they have access to online sites through their mobile phones. 

If you are looking or normally sell your vehicles in your local vicinity, you will only be selling to those that have seen your adverts or know where your sales garage is if you are in the industry. If you are a private seller, then you are looking at your immediate local market that happens to have seen the advert in the car’s window. Selling online can open your sale up to hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of people, so you will stand more of a chance of selling your car more easily, quicker, and for your asking price. You don’t need any fancy equipment to do this, just your phone and access to the internet. 


Listing your vehicle for sale

Regardless of whether you are listing your car for sale on a purpose-built website for selling vehicles or whether you are using a website such as eBay or social media platform, it is very important that you are honest with the information that you enter about your vehicle. You need to be happy and able to answer questions about your vehicle. You need to make sure you upload plenty of photos and maybe even a video taken on your mobile phone if possible so that potential buyers can see all they could and would want to see if they were in attendance in person looking at your vehicle.

This is even more so important in the present climate of the pandemic. You may find that there are fewer people wanting to wander around and look at cars for sale. However, they may be more than happy to view and purchase cars online.

Offering to ship

With this in mind, it is important that you remove the ‘too far away’ problem for your potential customers by offering them shipping as part of the sale. You may think that this is a bit of an expensive or daft thing to do. Still, if you use the services of a car shipping broker for transporting your auto vehicle, you will find that you will be offered various quotes from different shipping companies so that you can choose the best one to suit your and your customer’s requirements.

You can always put on the post that you will be happy to source the shipping company but that the fees will be added to the sale price, or of course, your customer can source shipping and pay for it themselves.

Selling and aftercare

After you have sold your car, make sure to have a good look around it and, if possible, take photos using your mobile phone. This is especially a good point should your customer choose to use a shipping company. This is because if the vehicle suffers any damage between leaving your possession and arriving at its final destination, you will have evidence that it left you in tiptop condition, so your customer will then be able to claim from the shipping company’s insurance, rather than being able to hold you responsible for the damage.

It is also beneficial for the sales-customer relationship that you inform your customer when the vehicle has left your site and check in that your customer is happy with their purchase once they have received it. By doing things this way, should there be any issues at all, you will be able to get them sorted before any unpleasantness starts and therefore quash any further problems.