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7 annoying Galaxy S7 Edge problems and how to fix them

Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeIn a smartphone beauty contest, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge would be extremely tough to beat. It’s not just a pretty phone, though. It’s also powerful and feature-packed, but it’s not perfect.

We’ve been digging around to see what Galaxy S7 Edge problems are cropping up most often online. We’ve identified a few issues here, and we’ve got ideas on how to fix them or work around them. The first thing you’ll want to do, to safeguard that slippery, fragile, fingerprint-prone glass, is to snag a new case.

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Problem: Bloatware

The scale of your bloatware problem with the Galaxy S7 Edge will depend on which carrier you’re with and whether you feel that any of the preinstalled apps are actually worthwhile. Samsung still hasn’t shaken the habit of replicating perfectly good Google apps, and you’ll find that every carrier includes a number of often useless applications.

Potential solutions:

  • The most obvious thing to do is uninstall anything you don’t want. Frustratingly, you’ll find that preinstalled apps can’t always be uninstalled, but you can at least disable them. The easiest and quickest way to do this is via the app drawer. Tap Edit at the top right, and then select the apps you want to uninstall or disable. If you decide that you want something you disabled back again, then you can always find disabled apps in Settings > Device > Applications > Application manager and scroll over to the Disabled one.
  • If you’re determined to get rid of carrier and Samsung apps completely, then you’re going to have to root your device. This is potentially risky, especially because you’ll trip Samsung security service, KNOX, which disables Samsung Pay and some security features.

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