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BlackBerry Priv launched in India at a steep $923

BlackBerry finally launched the Priv in the Indian market. However, if you have been looking forward to buying this phone then you will have to come to terms with the rather steep pricing. The phone is priced at INR 62,990, which is around $923. In comparison, the phone is priced at $699 in the US, which was already considered expensive by many.

BlackBerry’s reasoning is that the phone comes packed with high-end specifications and that there is a market for high-end devices such as the Priv and consumers who are willing to pay a premium for premium devices. Unfortunately, even with BlackBerry’s relative popularity in India, the high-end market is pretty much dominated by the iPhones, with most consumers choosing to go with Apple if they are spending over a certain amount, and Android largely being the second preference for those with less deep pockets.

It remains to be seen how the combination of high price, high-end specs, Android, and BlackBerry brand work in favor of the Priv.