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BlackBerry Responds to Canadian Police Eavesdropping reports

BlackBerry Responds to Canadian Police Eavesdropping Reports

BlackBerry appeared Monday to renowned it helped Canadian federal police crack a Montreal crime syndicate that were the usage of its messaging system, at the same time as insisting its phone protectionremains impenetrable.

In a weblog submit, BlackBerry chief executive John Chen reiterated the organisation‘s long-held stance “that tech businesses as accurate corporate residents need to follow reasonable lawful get entry torequests.”

The comments are the modern day in a much broader public discussion on how a lot access law enforcement officials should have to encrypted gadgets and how to stability security troubles withperson privacy rights. It changed into brought on while Apple recently refused an FBI request for get right of entry to to the iPhone of San Bernardino mass shooters.

Vice news and its sister e-book Motherboard last week suggested that BlackBerry can also have helped Canadian federal police eavesdrop on BlackBerry so-referred to as PIN-to-PIN messages sent amongcontributors of a suspected criminal employer in Montreal.

It become found out that the Royal Canadian mounted Police (RCMP) had obtained BlackBerry’s globalcryptographic key, permitting the organization to read all messages despatched among BlackBerry smartphones.

This provoked a response from high Minister Justin Trudeau calling for better oversight of Canadian safetyand intelligence organizations.

The RCMP stated it had intercepted and decrypted more than a million BlackBerry messages in reference to its investigation, which began in 2010.

Thirty- human beings had been ultimately charged with gangsterism, drug trafficking, extortion, assaultand other offenses. All pleaded responsible at trial.

Chen said BlackBerry does no longer offer blanket get admission to to its systems, but does in particularinstances consisting of criminal investigations.

“For BlackBerry, there may be a stability between doing what’s proper, together with helping toapprehend criminals, and stopping government abuse of invading citizen’s privateness,” Chen stated.

He cited, but, that BlackBerry business enterprise servers utilized by corporate and authorities clientsare off limits.

they may be “impenetrable” since clients control the encryption key for those communications, statedChen.

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