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HTC will revive old Wildfire brand for new phones, leak claims

Despite its flagship smartphone presence having all but come to an end, HTC isn’t done releasing phones just yet. Four of its upcoming handsets have leaked via the Russian site Rozetked, and it looks as though HTC is planning on reviving the Wildfire brand, which has laid dormant for eight years since the release of the HTC Wildfire S in 2011. For reference, in that year HTC commanded 10.7 percent of the global smartphone market, compared to just 0.05 percent now.

Despite a pretty hefty spec bump over the eight-year-old Wildfire S, which had a 3.2-inch screen and 512MB of RAM, there’s little else about the leaked handsets to suggest a return to HTC’s glory days. Four of the lineup’s handsets have been leaked; the Wildfire, Wildfire E, Wildfire E Plus, and Wildfire E1. Two of them feature teardrop notches, three of them have dual rear-facing cameras, and all of them have low-resolution 720p screens and mid-range specs. There’s no pricing provided as part of this leak, but our guess is that these are meant as budget or mid-range devices.

The HTC Wildfire E and E Plus look set to feature a traditional-looking pair of bezels. 
Image: Rozetked

Although these specs are by no means official, Rozetked have proved itself to be a reliable source of leaks in the past. Last year it leaked both the Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 3A months before their official announcements by Google.

Along with these four devices, GSMArena notes that HTC has also registered the names Wildfire E2 and E2 Plus, Wildfire E3 and E3 Plus, and Wildfire R and R Plus with the Eurasian Economic Commission, suggesting there’s more to the Wildfire brand revival than just these four devices.