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IFA 2015 smartwatch compariso

As expected, wearables were a strong presence at IFA. We’ve gathered the highlights (even if some of them were unveiled earlier or not quite a IFA) and distilled their specifications into tabular form for easy comparison.

The Motorola Moto 360 was one of the most hotly anticipated smartwatches and while it still uses a “flat-tire” display, Motorola improved a number of features, including adding a second size option. That’s quite popular – all but the Huawei Watch and Samsung Gear S2 come in two sizes. The Huawei Watch itself was one of the more desirable watches… months ago when it was first announced, Huawei really dragged its feet with this one and the fire somewhat died down.

Samsung has been dropping hints about a round smartwatch with a rotating bezel and it’s one of the most attractive smartwatches to date. We only wish it had a bigger version, going from a 2″ screen on the Gear S to a 1.2″ screen on the Gear S2 is quite a hit. Then there’s the Asus ZenWatch 2, which is the only new watch from IFA with a rectangular screen. It packs a lot of bang for the buck though.

Anyway, here’s the table. We’ve highlighted above average features in green and below average features in red.

For a more in-depth look, we have hands-on writeups for each watch.