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The Most Important Skills for Any Engineering Student That Makes Them Highly Employable

It is known fact that in India, every year, lakhs of students pass out from engineering colleges and institutes. Out of which 85% to 96% of these engineering students are unemployable because of lack of basic skills like communication skills in English language, technical skill, logical or rational ability, and professional skills etc, which we will discuss in details. Research has also proved that nearly 45% of the engineering students cannot understand even the details of their courses, which are in English text. There is a criticism from the experts that such skills need to be taught from the time when they were in their engineering college.

So, having a good score or cracking JEE Main 2016 only does not make you a successful engineer, you need to carry some important skills that will help you be employed and have successful career in your respective fields. Some of the important skills as mentioned as under:

  • Communication Skill: For any engineering student, you just cannot be employed by your grades, which you scored in JEE exam. The interviewer and its panel may be impressed by your good score, but simultaneously they will also want to see your communication skill, and not only in speaking verbally but also your way of writing etc.
  • Technical Skill or Core Subject Skill: If you are preparing for JEE Main 2016 or done preparing for it, you may be aware that to impress or to get hired and employable, you need to have concrete knowledge of your core subjects – Mechanical, Technical, Software etc.
  • Usage of the Knowledge: Whatever you learn while preparing for JEE Main 2016, even if you have concrete knowledge of your main subjects, it is important for you to know where to apply them. Therefore, it is best if you do a project in advance, so that you are well aware of usage of that knowledge.
  • Logical and Analytical Thinking: As an engineering student you not only need to be good in JEE related subjects and curriculum, you need to come up with inventive and creative ideas that solve day-to-day problems.
  • Teamwork and Multitasking Exposure: The modern workplace makes an engineer work in projects which they need to mingle with various multitasking skills such as an electronics engineer have to work with designers, marketing managers, computer engineers, project managers etc. Therefore, this is another important skill, an aspirant engineer need to have while preparing JEE Main 2016 or after they crack the JEE Main 2016 exam.
  • Acquaintance with The Industry: Experts have predicted that there is a huge gap between students passing out any engineering exams like JEE Main 2016, JEE Advanced 2016 etc and the standards of the industry. Therefore, it is advisable for the aspiring engineers to join a certified course to close this gap before facing an interview.
  • Information Literacy Skill: Four years of engineering is not enough to meet the demands of the industry. You need to learn and up your cap as an engineer with the latest information out there, and new requirements require advanced skill. With information literacy, either you will be able to get information through online or offline and thus letting you do and finish a project from imprint until its completion.
  • Eagerness To Learn: Last but not the least important skill is to have the eagerness to learn something new every day, not only to become a successful engineer but also to become a successful person.

By keeping all these skills in mind and acquiring them, while preparing for JEE Main 2016, JEE Advanced 2016, you are on your way to become an employable-fit-to-be successful career as an engineer.