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LG OLED TVs (E8 series) are on sale — save a ridiculous $1,800

Minimalistic and crystal clear, this OLED TV from LG is also on sale.

If you’re at all interested in TVs, you already know that 4K is the way to go. Watching your entertainment in such high resolution is an experience unlike any other, and you can have it all within the comfort of your own home with the right model. LG consistently puts out high-caliber 4K televisions, and you can get one of their highest quality models for a fraction of the price in the PCMag Shop right now.

You’ll save a whopping $1,800 on a 55-inch LG OLED E8 Series 4K TV — that’s $800 cheaper that Amazon’s already discounted price. You can also get the 65-inch model for $1,600 off the original listing, which is $600 cheaper than Amazon’s current offer.

These TVs from LG are an investment, but one that is well worth your cash. The sleek glass design of both models give a “floating” appearance, and compliment the decor of whatever room you put them in. The built-in 4.2 Ch 60W speakers are superior to most other TVs, and the large display has excellent color accuracy right out of the box (especially in the LG’s “expert mode”).

We could go on listing all of the features, but the bottom line is that these LG OLED TVs simply look amazing. And just so you know how good of a deal you’re getting on either of these products, the older C8 series TVs are currently more expensive at most other retailers than this deal on the E8 series.

Make the jump to 4K and you won’t regret it — pick up the 55-inch or 65-inch LG OLED E8 Series 4K TV in the PCMag Shop for $1,800 and $1,600 off, respectively.


55-inch LG OLED E8 Series 4K TV — $1,499 (save $1,800)
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65-inch LG OLED E8 Series 4K TV — $2,399 (save $1,600)
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