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LG V30 review

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It was no surprise whatsoever that LG launched the new V30 at IFA 2017 in Berlin. We’ve been able to spend a couple of days with a sample so here’s our in-depth LG V30 review.

LG isn’t one to keep its phone a secret right up until the launch event and so not only confirmed the name ahead of time, but various specs and features and well.


When the LG V30 first launched it was priced at a whopping £799 making it one of the more expensive smartphones around. It’s taken us a while to get hold of a sample which was provided by Carphone Warehouse.

Now it’s been out for a little while, the V30 is a much more affordable £599 making it quite an attractive buy, especially with no LG G7 arriving at MWC 2018.

That price makes it a lot cheaper than rivals such as the Galaxy Note 8 and the similar HTC U11+ which is £100 more. There is some tough competition, though, with phones like the OnePlus 5T selling for just £449, albeit with fewer features.

LG V30


With a larger screen, the V30 is a bigger phone than the G6 but it doesn’t really feel like it. This is somewhat down to the fact LG has managed to make it thinner and lighter.

It’s just 7.4mm and 158g which is impressive for a 6in phone. It’s also 8mm shorter and 3mm narrower than its predecessor despite a bigger screen. It feels great in the hand with a very nice balance.

Overall, the V30 looks very much like the G6 in design with very little to differentiate the two. It uses a metal frame and a glass rear cover which is adorned with the dual camera module, power button and logos.

Although the V30 looks and feels great, the design does mean that it’s a slippery customer. This isn’t unusual for phones at the moment but can be an issue, especially if you don’t want to use a case.

LG keeps the IP68 rating so the V30 is fully waterproof and can be submersed in 1.5 meters of water for as long as 30 minutes without worry.

It also feels very strong and durable. This, according to LG, is down to the ‘H-Beam’ metal frame and Gorilla Glass 5 front. There’s also a heat pipe and cooling pad to help get rid of heat.