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LG’s 48-inch OLED TV goes on sale in June for $1,500

Last week LG said its 2020 lineup of TVs will start rolling out in the US this month, but didn’t give precise dates or pricing information. Now, via CNET, we know a little more. In fact, only one model will be available in March — the $1,800 55-inch CX, LG’s mainstream 4K OLED set.

The other CX sizes are coming in different months: April for the $2,800 65-inch, May for the $5,000 77-inch, and June for the new 48-inch size, which is going to set you back $1,500. That might not be as cheap as you were hoping, given that the 55-inch C9 from 2019 has often been available on sale for around that much, but prices will no doubt similarly go down throughout the year.

The entry-level BX OLED models are both arriving in May at $1,500 for the 55-inch and $2,300 for the 65-inch. That follows the ultra-thin “gallery” GX line in April — $2,500 for the 55-inch, $3,500 for the 65-inch, or $6,000 for the 77-inch — while the 65-inch “wallpaper” WX is coming for $5,000 in June.

Finally, if you really feel like splashing out, you’ll be able to buy a new 8K OLED TV in May. The 77-inch ZX will cost $20,000, while the 88-inch model is $30,000.

LG assures CNET that the coronavirus pandemic won’t affect the launch of these models, though it sounds like the company is exploring the possibility of limited supply. “Although at this time we are not experiencing major disruptions, LG is looking into ways to minimize the effect on our production schedule in the event of a drawn-out scenario,” SVP of public affairs John Taylor says.