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Nokia 8 Survives Torture Test, Performs Impressively in Bend Test

Nokia 8 Survives Torture Test, Performs Impressively in Bend Test



  • Nokia 8 shows good signs of durability in its first torture test
  • The phone didn’t bend during test
  • Nokia 8 can handle light scratches on screen

HMD Global’s flagship smartphone, the Nokia 8, is being steadily rolled out to different markets, and recently was unveiled in India. The new flagship with Nokia branding has received its first durable test that reveals the phone can take care of itself in tough conditions.

YouTuber JerryRigEverything has put the Nokia 8 through a series of scratch, burn, and bend tests, and the smartphone doesn’t disappoint with its performance. JerryRigEverything recently put iPhone 8 for its series of torture tests, and the phone survived with flying colours. Similarly, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 also did well in its durability test.


The durability test video by JerryRigEverything shows the Nokia 8 being scratched on the screen but it offers resistance. Additionally, the phone’s camera lens was also able to resist against scratches.

The video showed the Nokia 8 back panel which is constructed with metal being scratched with a key that left a mark, however, it was easy to get rid of. Further, the video shows the Nokia 8 was seen having severe scratches at the back with sharp objects like knife and razor. The video notes the durability of the smartphone depends on its construction, and not just the metal used.

The Nokia 8 display was subjected to flames for 10 seconds, and the pixels started vanishing leaving a black mark at a particular point. The pixels came back to life once the display cooled down, which is good.

The Nokia 8 uses Aluminium 6000 series material for construction, and it impressed in the bend test. The phone hardly showed any sign of popping or bending due to excessive pressure exerted from the screen side or back panel towards the middle part. JerryRigEverything says that his series of torture tests shows how phones like the Nokia 8 are made for handling durability and how well the device will last through the coming years. We can expect the Nokia 8 passing through several kinds of tests in the coming weeks.

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