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Sailfish OS 2.0 can now be previewed by early access users

Today marks a big step forward for Jolla and its ambitious Sailfish mobile OS project. The new version 2.0 of the platform appears is already available to early access users. So, if you own a Jolla phone and participate in the beta program, which you really should if you have decided to back such a start-up initiative to begin with, you should be getting a notification for the update.

Actually, just to be as precise as possible, the said OTA isn’t exactly 2.0. It has a version of 1.1.9 and is designed as an experimental roll-out beta. It does, however, contain most of the important changes that will shape version 2.0 and if the open test goes well, the update will be followed up quickly with a proper 2.0 version with a full-on roll out.

The most apparent part of the current update is the redesigned main interface, which is now executed in carousel manner. You can now simply swipe left or right to go between the Home and Events interfaces. The App Grid is also easily accessible from any interface by swiping over the bottom edge of the screen.

The Events interface itself has also gotten richer with a weather widget with five day forecast a calendar and enhanced notification handling. Notifications can now be grouped together and managed in a more natural way.

Furthermore, the distinction between native app and Android app notifications is getting smaller as both can be grouped and the latter now also wake up the device screen.

Other notable changes include a new swipe gesture over the top of the display, which brings out the Top menu with lock action and a selection of ambiences. Also, the layout of a lot of core applications have undergone an overhaul, including Calendar, Jolla Store, Clock, Email and Camera. This also includes their cover layouts.

Special layout, controls and even three-finger gestures for bigger screens across Saifish 2.0 are also an important new addition that prepares the platform for the Jolla tablet launch.

The full changelog is actually quite thorough and can be viewed at the source link, along with instructions for updating your Jolla phone.