Samsung Said to Launch Only 1 Flagship Smartphone a Year From 2017

Samsung Said to Launch Only 1 Flagship Smartphone a Year From 2017

Samsung Said to Launch Only 1 Flagship Smartphone a Year From 2017
Samsung plans only one flagship a year now
This is being done to maintain quality control
It may mean a delay in the launch of Samsung’s rumoured foldable phone
Over the past five years, Samsung’s Galaxy Note phablets have been the company’s mainstays in the second half of the year, while the Galaxy S series smartphones have done duty in the first half. However, this arrangement may be about to change and the company completely scrapping a flagship for the second half of the year.

Still dealing with the fallouts of the disaster that is the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has reportedly decided to launch only one flagship smartphone a year. This information comes courtesy reports by reputed South Korean publications Sammobile and Korea Herald, both citing the news outlet Newsis.

Samsung has apparently decided to stick to only one flagship model for the year so that it can ensure that product quality is not compromised. The Galaxy Note 7 explosions have been attributed to faulty batteries, though it said that the company is still looking for a reason for the sudden fires.

Not only does this plan affect the fate of the future Galaxy Note devices, which reportedly has already been killed off, but it also means bad tidings for the company’s plans for a foldable smartphone. Samsung has long been rumoured to be working on a flagship smartphone with a foldable Oled screen; unlike devices with curved screens, this handset is said to be sport the clamshell form factor, but can be turned into a standard phone when needed.
If Samsung indeed plans to scrap a second flagship series starting 2017, this may also mean at least a delay in the launch of the foldable smartphone.

However, all hope is not lost. The Newsis report says that the company has not notified its suppliers of any change in schedule. This is a significant factor as scrapping a flagship model has a direct impact on the suppliers.

Samsung’s plans for the Galaxy S8, on the other hand, are still said to be on track. The smartphone is rumoured to be launched on February 26 next year, just ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It is said to have a 16- or 18-megapixel dual-camera setup on the back; rumours point to the end of Home button on Samsung phones with the launch of Galaxy S8.

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