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Samsung SM-W2016 is a flip phone with near S6 power

What if the Galaxy S6 died and was reincarnated in an earlier era, one where flip phones still ruled? It may sound like fan fiction, but TENAA just certified such a device – the Samsung SM-W2016.

The flip phone features a glass back with curves on the side that evoke the S6 edge. It has two identical screens (one outside the flip, one inside) – 3.9″ Super AMOLEDs with 768 x 1,280px resolution (383ppi).

That’s less impressive than what the S6 offers, but the SM-W2016 measures 120.4 x 61 x 15.1mm, not bad for a clamshell. The 204g of weight are more than we expected though.

Anyway, the performance is uncompromised with an octa-core processor (allegedly the Exynos 7420 itself) with 3GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. The phone runs Android 5.1 Lollipop (Samsung is yet to make the jump to Marshmallow).

Samsung SM-W2016

Like the screen, the camera department has been demoted. There’s an 8MP/1080p main camera on the back (with a heart rate sensor) and a 5MP selfie camera. I’m pretty sure that with a flip you can use the camera on the back for selfies too, but why not.

The T9 keypad below the screen brings up a lot of nostalgia, but above it is what looks like a SIM switch button, suggesting this is a dual-SIM phone.

Earlier this year we saw other Android-powered flip phones – the Galaxy Folder and the LG Wine. The Samsung SM-W2016 is more powerful than either, but chances are it will never see global distribution (those two never did).