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Top Software for Remote Workers

Top 5 Advantages of Remote Employee Time Tracking Software | M2SYS

It is highly likely that you have a large portion of your workforce working remotely due to the strains of the coronavirus pandemic and the real risks that people face from working face-to-face in an office environment. For businesses that are unprepared, shifting your employees to a remote position can be a rather difficult task. To make it a bit easier for you and for you to be prepared for this transition, this guide has been created to recommend the different types of software that your business will likely need in order to make it easier to work with remote workers no matter where they are logging in from across the globe.


Task Management Software

In lieu of the possibility of simply walking over to another desk and being able to ask in person where someone is on any given project, mostly due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, there is a need for time management software in order to understand the different deliverables and how they can be met within a given timeframe. There are a wide variety of different options out there that will allow you to see where your whole team is on a project at any given time.

Cloud Computing Software

In order to make sure that all the files you work on are kept safe and sound, it’s a perfect option to install some cloud-computing software. This allows everyone to see where a project is on the cloud and its status, as well as providing the opportunity for virtual collaboration on the same project at the same time.

Cloud-Based HR Software

Another cloud-based solution that your office really needs to be aware of is cloud-based HR software. When dealing with so many different clients from across the globe, it is essential that payroll and HR can be easily integrated into one easy-to-use platform. This also means that the HR manager can organize time-off requests, hiring processes and more, all from a single platform, allowing them to do their job with absolute ease.

Chat Software

To get everyone in the right position to collaborate in real time, it makes excellent sense to download some chat software that allows for quick and easy conversations about any given project. Many platforms allow different projects to be bunched into different groups, easily available to be downloaded in your browser or as a dedicated app. This way you can keep many different conversations going, allowing for innovation to be scaled up in real time.

Time Tracking Software

One of the biggest fears when working with remote employees is that they might start cyber-loafing. This is when they are working on company time but actually using the workday to browse social media sites, play online games and read the news instead.

Thankfully for you, you can implement a variety of time-tracking tools that allow you to see what your colleagues are working on and get them to commit to deliverables, even if they aren’t within the same physical space as you.