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LG V20 Smartphone’s Rear Camera Glass Shatters Easily, Claim Some Users

LG V20 Smartphone's Rear Camera Glass Shatters Easily, Claim Some Users


  • Reddit user claims glass developed cracks due to LED flash
  • Some users claim glass broke during shipping itself
  • Glass developed cracks during scratch test video as well

These days, every smartphone is put under immense scrutiny right after their official launch to test how it fares against other smartphones. It might be because of the extended reach that social media provides or because of carelessness shown by the companies, but new flaws on phones are discovered every other day. This time it is LG V20’s turn as users are claiming that the phone’s rear camera’s glass shatters without being put under much pressure.

Several LG V20 users have claimed that the glass on the rear camera of their smartphone is extremely brittle and breaks without even being dropped. A user on Reddit said that the rear camera’s glass broke even within five hours of receiving the shipment, with no attributable cause. Another Reddit user claimed that the glass cover on the rear camera of the smartphone developed cracks as he kept the LED flashlight on for half-an-hour.

In YouTube channel JerryRigEverything’s durability test video of the smartphone, posted last week, it was found that even though the glass on rear camera doesn’t scratch very easily, it breaks without being subjected to much pressure. In the video, the tester was trying to test if the glass gets scratched by metal picks when, all of a sudden, it started showing cracks.Even though there are several cases reported, we will have to wait and see if this issue is prevalent on most LG V20 units or not. In any case, it seems like smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and LG are falling behind in the basic parts of developing a smartphone while chasing behind other high-end features.

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