Lumia 430 May be the Most Budget Friendly Windows Phone Ever

032315 Lumia 430

Since entering the smartphone market, Microsoft has not missed the opportunity to cater to the budget-minded customer.

There have been affordable Windows Phone options available since the first but Microsoft is lowering the bar even more now.

The company is now introducing the Lumia 430 Dual Sim smartphone.

The device is unprecedented on several fronts. First of all, it retails for just $70. That makes it the most affordable Windows Phone available to date.

Secondly, this is the first Microsoft mobile device preloaded with Windows 8.1 that can be freely upgraded to Windows 10 when it’s released later this year, Mirosoft’s Lumia Conversations blog reports.

Small businesses that haven’t yet gone mobile or are looking for more affordable mobile options certainly may want to consider this entry-level Microsoft device.

But even with its entry-level price tag, the Lumia 430 is no slouch on features.

As a Microsoft device, the Lumia 430 is pre-loaded and connected with Skype. It also provides immediate access to Microsoft cloud service OneDrive.

The DualSIM option allows users to easily switch from work to personal use.

Of course, this is a $70 smartphone. And to get the price that low, Microsoft has included just the bare bones where other features are concerned.

Lumia 430 is stocked with 8GB of internal storage. Another microSD card can expand that capability to 128GB.

The cameras on the Lumia 430 aren’t much to highlight, either. The rear mount camera shoots at just 2MP and there’s a VGA 0.3MP front-facing camera, just enough to complete a video Skype call.

There’s no HD display on the Lumia 430, either. The 4-inch display has a resolution of 800x480px.

And one more drawback is its connectivity. Microsoft says that the Lumia 430 can only connect to 3.5G networks.

For small businesses that haven’t ventured into smartphones just yet, the low price tag on the Lumia 430 may be an inexpensive way to find if they’ll be effective in conducting your business. Another reason to consider this model is if your business runs primarily Microsoft office apps. The Lumia 430’s pre-loaded connection to One Drive will make it easier to access your business cloud while on the go.

Image: Microsoft

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