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Motorola One Zoom announced officially: Here’s what this premium camera phone offers

Motorola One Zoom

Motorola has been on a roll in the latter half of 2019 with its Android One series phones. The Motorola One Vision was the first one in the lineup offering a new slim yet tall 21:9 form factor and a great cinemascope display. Later, Motorola offered a similar package along with an Action Camera for videographers in the Motorola One Action at a much cheaper price. However, there were rumours of another Motorola One series phone and it’s here finally. Expect that it’s not an Android One phone for now.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Motorola One Zoom – the first Motorola phone launched in the US that carries the One branding but isn’t an Android One phone. Aligning it with the previous leaks, the One Zoom could come to the global markets as the One Pro with Android One software. While Motorola may rework on the branding and software for other markets, the key hardware is expected to remain the same. And there are chances that it might make it to India within this year.

So what does the Motorola One Zoom has in store for us? Quite a lot actually.

An impressive set of quad rear cameras

The Motorola One Zoom is an outright camera phone and Motorola has ensured that with a quad-camera setup. And these are four clever camera systems. The primary one is the trendy 48-megapixel sensor that uses pixel binning to gather more details in the photos. The second camera is a 16-megapixel wide-angle camera that Motorola says can accommodate four times more than the standard angle.

The third camera is an 8-megapixel telephoto camera that offers 3x optical zoom, similar to what you see on the OnePlus 7 Pro. The last camera is a depth camera with a 5-megapixel sensor.

For the selfie camera, Motorola is using a 25-megapixel camera, which should give good selfies.

Fairly decent specifications

India is a country that loves high-end specifications for as lower prices as possible. And this is where the One Zoom could struggle here. Motorola is using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 chipset with 4GB RAM and 128GB storage as standard. That seems insufficient for a phone that costs $449 (approx Rs 32,000). However, Motorola could bring down the price for India as it has been doing for its other phones and we could see this phone probably for around Rs 25,000 in India as the One Pro.

However, it’s not all depressing. The One Zoom is the first One series phone to get a 6.04-inch OLED screen with Full HD+ resolution. Sadly, it misses out on the hole-punch cutout and the wider 21:9 CinemaVision display from other One series phones. But the OLED screen has allowed Motorola to embed an in-display fingerprint sensor. And before you ask, there’s a headphone jack present.

The One Zoom also gets a 4000mAh battery with support Motorola’s TurboPower charging.

And it gets a cool design

The Motorola One Zoom may not be the most powerful phone but it surely is a good looking phone. It gets a glass rear panel with a unique camera module design. The glass panel gets a brushed aluminium-like look which Motorola says eliminates smudges. And the coolest thing is the Motorola batwing logo which now acts as an LED notification indicator – how cool is that!