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Sony Xperia Z5 Compact hits the stores in Europe

Mini-flagship aficionados across Europe rejoice. The Sony Xperia Z5 Compact is now available for purchase in multiple countries throughout the continent.

In the UK, major retailer Carphone Warehouse has the smartphone listed for £450 sans contract and is the only one to offer the Coral and White color options. Carrier O2 has the Compact too, with your choice of plan, and MVNO giffgaff will sell you one for £429 up front or in £18.50 monthly installments for two years. So far, if you insist on the Yellow color, you need to go to O2.

Amazon UK will carry the smartphone as well, but availability is planned for October 5. Sony’s official store has the Compact in pre-order state, listed at £429.

In other countries official is the way to go, with local Sony websites in Italy, Poland, Spain and Sweden listing the smartphone as in stock. Sony Germany has it on pre-order, but you can pick up one from Amazon, though supply is still somewhat limited.